Real Talk Underground

Ep. 1 Jolene Andersen (Actress/Voice Over Artist/Model)

April 01, 2021 Robbie Aaron Season 1 Episode 1
Real Talk Underground
Ep. 1 Jolene Andersen (Actress/Voice Over Artist/Model)
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Welcome to Episode (1) of Real-Talk Underground! The podcast for Dreamers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs. In this debut episode, I had the honor of sitting down with my good friend Jolene Andersen. Jolene is a prolific actress who's list of artistic work includes: Criminal Minds, Ray Donovan, Queen of the South, Resident Evil, and The Prodigy Movie. This podcast episode is dedicated especially to actors, musicians, and artists who feel they need guidance and motivation to continue on their artistic journey, and what better place to find that than from a working/successful actress! Jolene Andersen will inspire you to follow your heart and live your dreams!


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